Bethel Community Center

Our Story:

We believe that the new community center development project is God-inspired. Last year, the members of Bethel United Methodist Church agreed to initiate a church expansion project to allow us to better express the mission of our church. Our capacity to accommodate internal events and host external meetings, celebrations and affairs has successfully brought us to this point. Now, however, it’s time to take our in-reach and outreach to the next level. Bethel’s leadership representing Lay hall2
Leadership, the Church Council, Finance, Treasury, and the Trustees came together to support Rev. Stinson’s vision for a new fellowship hall.

Why We Are Raising Money:

We are raising funds to cover the costs of development and construction of a new addition to the church campus. We envision a semi-detached community center of at least 4,000 square feet that provides flexible event space, restrooms with showers, and a warming kitchen.

Why Our Cause is Important:

We believe Bethel can be the heart of the community of saints in southwest Atlanta. As such, we are accountable to live out the Word of God and make disciples for Jesus Christ. We want to open our “home” to our neighbors who don’t yet know Him and to celebrate and strengthen the faith of those that do. The new fellowship hall will allow us to further the mission of our church.

How Contributors Can Help Us Reach Our Goal:

The financial contributions of Bethel’s members and friends will allow us to do our part to enrich our community.

How Much is Needed and How It Will Be Used:

We seek to raise $300,000 to develop and construct a new 4000 square foot Bethel Community Center that is built-out and equipped to accommodate the programs of the church.